QHR utilises a consulting model to realign teams, divisions and organisations with the government’s strategic objectives.

to make a real and tangible difference today for future generations.

Our role

As the Queensland provider of choice for HR services and solutions, it is our role to restore confidence in HR systems, drive innovation and improvements in HR solutions, align people with strategic objectives and deliver outstanding results and value for money for Queensland government agencies.

Our consulting process

With the recent changes in funding and the ever increasing service delivery requirements many Queensland Government Agencies are asking the same question – ‘How can we best use our people to deliver results?’ At QHR we adopt a specialised consulting process to understand Queensland Government Agencies and realign their staff, structure and systems to enable strategic objectives.

QHR’s Consultants worked with our executives, managers and staff to diagnose simple and complex people issues. They recommended a number of quick win and detailed solutions. They assisted us to transition into a much more efficient workplace culture and structure. We are now positioned to exceed our organisational strategy. Recent client

We use science and research to diagnose HR issues.

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    What are the short, medium and long term objectives?

  • Connector.


    How is the culture performing? How satisfied are staff? Why?

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    Where is there duplication? What processes and systems are redundant? Where is there waste?

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    System issues

    How and where can systems be improved? What is the value in improvement?

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    Management capability

    How effective is management? How satisfied are staff? How satisfied are stakeholders?

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    Skills and capability gaps

    What skills do you have? What skills do you require?

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    Structural alignment

    What structure is required to enable strategy?

We develop contemporary and practical recommendations.

We realign your culture, organisational structure and systems with organisational strategy.

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QHR's Consulting process is implemented on a project basis. To learn more about how we can help or to book a no obligation consultation contact one of our friendly team.

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