We help Queensland Government Agencies to:

Attract the right people

Discover talent

Reduce the cost of recruitment

Cut the red tape when hiring

Reduce hiring timeframes

Increase transparency

Increate confidence in decisions

Make informed decisions

Increase suitable candidates

Focus on their core business

Talent Attraction

Get value for money. We use targeted advertising, networking, referrals and candidate mining to solicit ideal applicants.

Drive interest

Traditional government processes place an advertisement on Smartjobs and expect your ideal applicants to be actively looking for new employment. Chances are, they're happily engaged elsewhere and don't know about your job. Discover ways to tap into talent.


We use tools such as online video submissions, online testing & upfront reference checks to discover talent.

Make Valid Decisions

Can you really tell that much about your applicant from a 1-2 page letter? We use science and technology the test applicant skills, capabilities and performance to make informed shortlisting decisions.


We develop and implement structured interviews and assessment centres to identity the best of the best.

Be confident in your decision

Appointing staff is a big and potentially long term investment. Be confident in your decision making with comprehensive interview screening. Adopt an assessment centre model and use group work, intro exercises and role plays

Traditional screening and selection methods are time consuming and labour intensive. By the time you hire you new starter, the recruitment process has cost you about 26% of the new starter’s salary. QHR's 2016 White Paper - The Real Cost of Recruitment in the QLD government

How much?

Discover the financial impact of this on service delivery.


Removed from service delivery.

Attracting the best people

Recruitment Strategy

We partner with clients to understand the real requirements of their vacant roles; not just the aspects listed in the position description. We utilise our expertise in the QLD Capability Leadership Framework and assist clients to contextualise and describe ideal applicants using a relevant framework. We develop methods to assist our clients in discovering the traits, behaviours and experiences of ideal applicants. We use this information to understand your ideal applicant and propose a robust process to identify and select talent.

Once we understand your ideal applicant we can approach recruitment from a strategic perspective; proactively planning how to attract, select and secure the right talent.


Are you aligning your recruitment processes with best practice? Are you attracting talented applicants or just ‘rounding up the usual suspects’? Experience tells us that there is an untapped market of skilled, diverse individuals who may not even know you have advertised, let alone how to navigate an application for a government job.

Is your applicant pool full of applicants being pushed from their employer or pulled to you as an employer of choice? Research suggests that most talented and engaged employees are already engaged with their employer and will not even see your advertisement.

We work with you to consider how we can access talented staff that are:

  1. Actively engaged with another employer
  2. Passively seeking a new opportunity
  3. Actively seeking a new opportunity
  4. Diverse in their culture, life and work experience

A traditional government methodology to attract talent includes posting an advertisement on Smartjobs. While we understand that this is a requirement – this does not mean this is the only way to ensure your strategic workforce planning needs are met. Using Queensland Government mandated templates, we work with you to increase your applicant pool and can advertise your position on seek.com.au – Australia’s largest online job search tool. We can also tap into already engaged and passively searching talented applicants via tools such as ‘LinkedIn jobs’.

We can work with you to utilise your organisation’s social media channels to circulate key messages regarding the position being filled. We can also adopt a talent mining methodology to communicate your employment proposition and encourage talented individuals to apply. Ask us for more information on this approach.

Discovering your best applicants

QHR’s Recorded Video Submission

Many managers explain that they can tell in the first few moments whether an applicant is right for a position or not. QHR’s Recorded Video Submission tool allows hiring managers to meet the applicant before the interview. QHR can partner with you to understand your requirements and develop a range of screening questions. Using technology, QHR liaises with your applicants and obtains recorded responses to your most important questions. Each panel member can be provided with a panel member dashboard where they can view videos in real time, make comments and score each applicant on the quality of their response.

QHR’s Recorded Video Submission tool allows panels to decide how easy or difficult the screening process should be. Hiring managers can decide whether applicants are:


  1. Provided with the question and given one (1) opportunity for an instantaneous response
  2. Provided with the question and given reattempts until the applicant is satisfied with their response

Customisable questions

Automatic camera setup

Retakes available

Panel grading dashboard

Applicant's complete in own time

Simple per/person rate

“Recorded Video Submissions saved us time and money. It’s a great resource that enables us to hire the best candidate while also streamlining our process. This new approach reinforces our management style and openness to new technology.”
Recent Client
Increase your recruitment efficiencies

Online Tests

Our Online Tests allow panel members to ensure that they hire the right people for the right roles. We offer a range of screening tests that measure:

  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Accuracy
  • Comprehension
  • Responses in difficult situations
  • In-tray exercises
  • Behavioural profiling

By administering various tests and gaining an all-encompassing perspective of an applicant’s capabilities we can ensure that only the top talent secures an interview. We regularly partner with clients to develop new and innovative tests that measure behaviours, aptitudes and traits that are practical and relevant to the role. Contact our team if you are interested in custom made testing solutions.

Upfront Reference Checks

Our Upfront Reference Check allows panel members to identify and validate applicant skills, performance and conduct before investing in an interview. An Upfront Reference Check means panel members interview the right applicants. Our tool assists panel members to discover an applicant’s strengths, challenges, responsibilities and performance.

Upfront Reference Checks assist panel members to understand how each applicant rates regarding:


  • The Queensland Capability Leadership Framework;
  • The key requirements of the role;
  • The key attributes of the role;
  • Their current responsibilities and performance levels;
  • Their personal leave occurrences, and;
  • Any disciplinary action taken.

We analyse this information and provide the panel with a standardised report for each applicant. We also consider all information from a quantitative perspective and benchmark applicants against one another.

A rigorous method to ensure not only suitability, but talent.

Selecting the right people

Structured interviews

We design structured interviews according to your goals and objectives. As a result, we devise interview questions that will solicit intended behaviours from your applicants. Our Consultants can partner with your panel to ensure the interview runs smoothly and effectively. Pending your requirements, this may involve participation as a panel member or overseeing the process in its entirety.

Assessment Centres

We design assessment centres according to your goals and objectives and partner with your panel in administering the process. We devise activities that will solicit specific behaviours from your applicants.


The activities that we design will be tailored on the position, situation and business environment. These activities may encompass:

  • Telephone screening processes
  • Group activities
  • In-tray exercises
  • Role plays
  • Behavioural interviews (how did you deal with…)
  • Situational interviews (how would you deal with…)
  • Behavioural profiling and discussions – psychometrics.

As part of the development process, all activities will include an information pack for the panel member. The information pack will provide an overview of the process, timeframes and resources required.

Assessment tool

All of our activities are aligned with the Queensland Public Service Capability Leadership Framework (CLF). The CLF is a tool that assists agencies to ensure they have appropriate capabilities at all levels of their organisation. From a recruitment perspective, the CLF also assists agencies to ensure that they have the right people in the right jobs. Clear alignment of recruitment processes not only increases its validity and contestability but also assists agencies to understand an employee’s baseline of behaviours and skills before they even commence employment.

We use the CLF to understand and contextualise the behaviours each activity intends to solicit from applicants. As a result, our marking matrices always measure behaviours that are appropriate or exceeding the hiring classification level. There is no ambiguity between behaviours that are at level and those that aren’t.

Participation in Assessment Centre

Our Consultant can partner with your panel to ensure the Assessment Centre runs smoothly and effectively. Pending your requirements, this may involve participation as a panel member or overseeing the process in its entirety.

Enable your strategy with talented people.

Wrapping up the process

Selection report

We keep detailed records for each step of the selection process. These records are used by our Consultants to compile your Selection Report. While a Selection Report would generally take one to two weeks to be written and finalised for a traditional government recruitment process, our Consultant will have your Selection Report completed within 24 hours of the assessment cessation. This means your delegate can approve and fill roles immediately.

Applicant feedback

We approach all of our processes with rigour and keep immaculate records. As a result, we can provide detailed feedback to applicants on the request of the panel chair. Our clients find that offering feedback to internal applicants is an excellent developmental opportunity, reduces the risk of fall-out and increases transparency.

“Thank you so much for what must be the most detailed feedback I have ever received.  I recognise and appreciate the effort that went into this.  Finding the right balance of giving constructive feedback whilst having to sometimes word things carefully is not easy, but was certainly achieved.  Sincerely, thank you for composing this feedback.”
Recent Applicant

Less expenses. Better outcomes.

Now there is an easy way to manage your recruitment processes. We use our experience in recruitment, government legislation and technology to offer support and services that were previously unavailable. By partnering with Queensland government agencies, QHR proves that reliable, cost effective and efficient recruitment decisions are possible.  

QHR administers a suite of shortlisting and selection tools to thousands of applicants all over the world on a yearly basis. We use technology to create robust and frictionless solutions which are a cornerstone to the success of your team. The old way of recruitment… not so much.